Kind Words


To truly capture JP’s art and work into one Knot review feels a little like I am cheating him because there truly aren’t enough words to express how absolutely amazing he is at what he does. I was that bride who researched for hours on end to find the absolute best wedding photographer. I knew that this was our one big day that could not be redone or recreated and that we had one shot at making sure it was documented to the absolute fullest so when I found JP I knew I had struck gold. Our entire experience from start to finish was seamless. From being flexible with the timing of our engagement shoot, to organizing our wedding day timeline, scouting out our venue so that we had the perfect back drop to every photo, ensuring all of the family and important photos were captured, being timely with edits and albums, and making our entire day a dream come true he went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. His wife Teresa was our second shooter and I was blown away by her attention to detail and her kind demeanor that brings a natural calm over you on your wedding day. Coming from a bride’s point of view, she has that female eye that makes sure you look your absolute best. She makes sure your hair is falling correctly over your shoulder, veil and dress edges are lined up perfectly, and flowers are tilted just right for the perfect shot. Having her on the team is a total game changer and I would recommend making sure the two of them be there on the big day. JP has the perfect balance of capturing those in between candid moments and the classic and timeless wedding photos that are an album must have. He somehow finds those natural and sweet times where you have a connection with a bridesmaid, guest, family member, or with your groom and he captures it without you even knowing he did so. Those are the wedding photos you that when you flip through your album you will cherish forever because they instantly transport you back to that exact moment and you remember how you felt and what you were thinking in that split second. Your wedding day goes by quickly and the fact that JP manages to find you in those moments and execute them with such beauty speaks to the highest level of talent and passion for his work. You always want to hire someone who sincerely loves what they do and that is what you will find in JP. If you book JP you will have found someone who is just as invested in your day as you are and someone that cares about you as two actual people and not just as clients. This is so much more than a job for JP but it is his passion. I am so happy to say that JP and Teresa will be our friends for a long time to come and I feel so blessed that they were the ones to gift us the precious heirloom of our wedding photos.

-Clara K.


Oh where do we begin with JP?! My husband and I had quite the adventure after we got engaged dealing with a lot of personal family stuff making the wedding planning process extra challenging. I truly believe JP was brought into our lives for a reason and was exactly the type of person we needed to help pick us up during the planning process. From the first time I talked to JP on the phone, to the first time we met for our engagement photo shoot, JP was so personable and easy to talk to and even more importantly made both of us so comfortable in front of the camera! Engagement photos can be super awkward but JP is so easy going and just a genuine fun person that he actually made it fun and my husband and I had the absolute best time. Our wedding day was no different, and JP and his wife just half a calmness about them that makes the day so much better. I never had to worry about our day being captured because I knew JP was on it. And our pictures are proof of that. Our engagement photos and wedding photos are something we cherish so much and I am so happy we had someone like JP capturing our special moments. And even more importantly we now have a friend in JP! I recommend him to everyone and anyone I know looking for a photographer he is truly gifted and you won't be disappointed when you hire JP! We love you, JP! Thanks for the incredible photo of the best memories of our life!

- Brittny S.


My husband and I got married at my grandparent’s house, which was always my dream ever since I was a child. There are tall pine trees in which we hung market lights and a lake, all of which I wanted highlighted in our engagement and wedding photos. I worried about finding a photographer being willing/able to adapt to a venue at which he/she had never shot. I was insecure that a photographer may think this location was not right for a wedding. JP exceeded my expectations: he captured the beauty of the property that meant so much to me. He genuinely complimented the unique place in which so many of my childhood memories were made. He was encouraging and made my husband and I feel beautiful, despite the awkwardness for us that comes with PDA in front of a camera. He made sure to take every picture we requested and so many more that his talented eye knew to capture. My husband and I were so comfortable, which was a huge accomplishment. A picture from the send-off at the end of the driveway gets so many compliments. I always say that if I had only that photo to remember our wedding, it would have been worth every penny. JP and his wife Theresa were everything I wanted and more out of a photographer - by far the best money spent on our wedding. They listened to our story and really cared about us. They established a relationship of trust, which put us at peace on our wedding day. Josh and I are endlessly thankful!

Haley B.